drew is the founder and current chair of the board of trustees. he is a trainee radiologist who spent several years living in newquay, cornwall.

inspired by the good will and support offered to his younger brother by coaches and other individuals in cornwall, his aim is to help other promising athletes in the same way.

arjuna is a founding trustee board member. he brings a great deal of organisational experience to the table through his role as the business relations and education officer for a leading sports nutrition consultancy.

his focus is on building the charity into a larger organisation which can help a greater number of talented young atheletes.


natasha works as a doctor in university hospital southampton. she is one of the founding trustees of the achieve through sport foundation.


natasha has been integral in setting up the charity and initial fundraising projects.



tristan is the newest member to join our team at the achieve through sport foundation. he has been on the board since June 2018.

tristan is a chartered accountant who specialises in audit. he has played an integral role in securing early donations for the foundation and took part in the t-rex half-marathon in march 2018.